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Keep your dreams alive...
Dreaming is still how the strong survive...

» a little about me
I am currently a college student working on a double major: French and Spanish with an emphasis on secondary education. Basically I'm studying to be one of those dreaded foreign language teachers. =P

Some people would label me as quiet or shy, but those that are close to me, know that I'm silly, crazy, random, and rather sarcastic. Despite the fact that I may seem shy, I love meeting new people.

In case you couldn't tell from my career path, I am passionate about all language and its uses. Period. I love foreign languages and I am currently studying them at school. As for English (my native tongue), I love to write novels, short stories, and even the ocassional poem.

Because my schedule tends to become pretty hectic, I don't update as often as I would like. :(
» likes/dislikes

LIKES: I love music -- but especially movie scores or songs sung in foreign languages. As far as movies go, I like different genres at different times. But I love watching my favorite ones in both English and French. I also like to read or sketch things -- especially characters or scenes from the stories that I write -- when I have the time. Some of my favorite things (movies/tv shows/books/plays/etc.) to obsess over can also be found in my interests.

DISLIKES: It really irks me when people steal/use icons without credit or permission. I make every attempt to get permission and credit the maker of the graphics (icons/banners/mood themes/etc) that I use. It's not that hard. As a graphics maker, I know how much work can go into making these things -- the least that people can do is credit the maker. And if there is something that I am using that you have made and you feel like you are not properly credited, I will correct whatever needs to be changed. I also do not appreciate people who go around creating drama in other people's journals. If you want to comment on something, that's great and you are entitled to your own opinion -- but don't start anything with me or my other friends.
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